Expo Guide / International Fairs Directory

ATTENTION: It was recently brought to our attention that the name "SIMAC TANNING TECH" has been used by an on-line EXPO GUIDE/ FINTERNATIONAL FAIRS DIRECTORY which target & invite our exhibitors to subscribe and sign up for on-line listing order but does not inform the respondents explicitly that their action will bind them to a three-year advertising contract and annual advertising fee.

To protect your interests and to avoid potential misunderstanding, we would like to alert our exhibitors that:

Whenever you receive an invitation to supply the on-line company with your brochures together with an authorized signature and implies that their service is free in the introductory paragraph, please read the fine print at the end of the invitation carefully before you respond or commit.

We would also like to clarify that the Exhibition online Catalogue and Visitor Guide of our SIMAC TANNING TECH Exhibition are our only official directories. Besides, http://www.simactanningtech.it is our only official website.

Should you have requests or questions on advertising, please contact us via email: exhibition@assomac.it. We will be happy to assist you in maximising your exposure at our upcoming events.