2018 Technological News

Short presentation of the innovations which complete the present range of “shoe and leathergoods machines, machinery and chemicals for tanning industry”.

ABC EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY - C.B.C. SRL PERSEO Automatic warehouse. Energy saving; higher speed; save time and get more space; no human... Read more
AEFFE MACHINERY SRL  ALFA Leather-goods machine, born to produce the small garments (like gloves, shoes, bags, belts etc... Read more
ALETTI GIOVANNI E FIGLI SRL  SNW 3200 ULTRABELT Belt-buffing machine for whole hides. Aletti’s belt-buffing technology available now in 3200 mm... Read more
AMA.GUSBERTI SRL ROBOT COLATORE CONTINUO PU rotary machine. Casting 4.0 - Casting robot equipped with single - dual or triple density... Read more
BARNINI SRL  ROTARY SPRAY BOOTH Rotary spray booth which completes the range offered. This model is characterized by: ... Read more
BAUCE TRI.MA SRL  MVC 4 S VERSUS RCE Through-feed setting out and sammying machine with heat cylinder at a variable temperature for... Read more
BOMBELLI GIANCARLO SPA  S1200 Special work station equipped with different roughing tools with integrated s-dust+dds for the... Read more
BOMBELLI GIANCARLO SPA  EASY CLEAN Cleaning machine for upper after laser. New cleaning system for leather, suede, laminate... Read more
BOMBELLI GIANCARLO SPA  DATA MANAGEMENT Managing software for the total coordination of the model department.Read more
BRAMAC SRL  XDRAW Printing modular system used to plot guide lines on leathers and other fabrics, composed of 2... Read more
CERIM SRL  K175 Side wall shoe roughing and cementing. Simultaneous working system.Read more
CERIM SRL  AUTOMATION SYSTEM 4.0 Robotized work rink. Shoe roughing, shoe and sole cementing. Technology and flexibility. One... Read more
CERIM SRL  K074 Pounding, scouring, roughing. Revoluctionary system for automated bottom shoe working. ... Read more
CIUCANI MOCASSINO MACHINERY SRL  XM 13 Curved needle sewing machine for the construction of 'goodyear' shoe making, to assembly the... Read more
COMEC SRL  SPM/15 Moulding machine for each type of insole of any kind of material. The moulding is characterized... Read more
COMEC SRL  A/29 Automatic machine to mould the thermoplastic counters. It is used to mould the thermoplastic... Read more
DESMA SCHUHMASCHINEN GMBH  MSI Industry 4.0 or internet of things gives the shoe production on site intelligent support. Quite... Read more
ELETTROTECNICA B.C. SRL 701 Toe lasting machine. An even more performing machine than the previous series thanks to... Read more
ELETTROTECNICA B.C. SRL 980 Heel and side lasting machine. The new model 980 thermoplastic and Kyotex - BC Lasting... Read more
ELETTROTECNICA B.C. SRL 493PSTS Cold stabilizing / sterilizing system. The 493PSTS, a revolutionary system (Patent... Read more
ELETTROTECNICA B.C. SRL 755 Sigma Out-sole press. A membrane press that, with its opening system, allows the positioning in... Read more
FALAN SRL  F3000 TS Soles sewing machine. From the evolution of the 3000E model comes the new 3000 TS, a... Read more
GILMA TECHNOLOGY, S.A.  PUNCHES Special sharp-edged punches to increase the cutting speed of the automatic cutting machines.... Read more
GOZZINI 1906 TURINI GROUP SRL  AUTOMATIC SPRAY PLANT Development of a series of technological innovations that are applied to automatic varnish... Read more
GOZZINI 1906 TURINI GROUP SRL  IRONING AND EMBOSSING PRESS Development of 2 new models of 3100 and 5500 tons. plate presses, which allow considerable... Read more
L.E.M.A. SRL  VETRON Electronic sewing machines: arm type 5400, column type 5390, flat type 5000. It is the... Read more
OFFICINA MECCANICA M.M. SNC DEI F.LLI MEGGIOLARO IC-EVO Stacker that ensures a completely automated and interconnected manufacturing thanks to a new... Read more
NEXUS SRL  VISIONE AUMENTATA Audio-visual assistance to the tannery world with technologies that look to the future. The... Read more
OLYMPIC ENGINEERING LTD.  TM-17 Toe molding machine with auto adjusting heads and the new optical positioning system which makes... Read more
OLYMPIC ENGINEERING LTD.  TOPSTYLER A machine for short boot throat forming and line modifying system. It makes the final... Read more
RING MASCHINENBAU GMBH  FLEX-X800 Perforating machine equipped with main driver that helps to reduce the energy consumption by 50... Read more
SABAL SPA S50/ORO Electronic heel nailing machine with strengthened sequence nailing programmable with touch... Read more
SABAL SPA CT 1632 Automatic cutting leather, with CN functions (without card) with vacuum surface divided in... Read more
SABAL SPA 4700/SAP Crimping machine with variable pressure (from kg. 780 to kg. 2100) plate closing leather during... Read more
SABAL SPA 3402/C+OPT42G Back-part moulding machine with sequential inflation bell (patent no. PV2012U000006).Read more
SABAL SPA 11 Nails lever machine, which facilitates the removal of the nails from the heel, without any... Read more
SICOMEC SRL PRINTING TWO ROWS Machine model TF160EL/CN for printing two rows equipped with automatic motion working plate. The... Read more
TECNO 2 SRL  T/GN Hydraulic Press to preform insoles with Timer and safety light barriers.Read more
TECNO 2 SRL  T 18N.NA Insole Molding Machine to preform insoles version with automatic collection: insoles... Read more
TECNO 2 SRL  MBT 88 Machine for automatic assembling of heel-sock with insole (with insole carriage), with numbering... Read more
TECNO 2 SRL  T2005D2 Semiautomatic and electronic roughing Machine for shaped Bevelling of Insoles with the 2 self-... Read more
TORIELLI SRL NESTOR Performing automatic cutting systems, specifically: NestorSR NEXT-3200, Interactive... Read more
TORIELLI SRL KNOW HOW Know how and additional focused services available to customers, with the aim to maximize... Read more
TORIELLI SRL PRODUCTION ERP Software specifically dedicated to footwear industry, components and leathergoods... Read more
VALLERO INTERNATIONAL SRL  DRUM Reactors for wetting operations equipped with Vortex and Eco-Drum systems to improve... Read more
VALLERO INTERNATIONAL SRL  ECO-SMART DRUM Drum with system integration for collection, handling, protection and smart processing of data... Read more
ZÜND SYSTEMTECHNIK AG  CUTTING SYSTEM Highly modular cutting solutions for the shoe and leather-goods industries. Zünd cutting systems... Read more
FENIX SRL FX 574 Pressure hot air blower. Hot air and steam blower machine for ironing and finishing the... Read more
FENIX SRL FX 614 Pneumatic press with quick membrane change. Pneumatic sole attaching machine: ... Read more
FENIX SRL FX 806 High heel glue reactivator Machine to reactivate high heel glue: Adjustment... Read more
EL.PA. SERVICE SRL HIDROSPRAY Water finishing spray booth equipped with the COVER 4.0 economizer, and low pressure guns EL.PA... Read more
SIDEF SPA NEOLEN Compounds, lightweight plastic materials for making shoe bottoms.Read more
MOSTARDINI MP12CS Hydraulic plate press with 3000 tons power completed of columns structure (instead of  a welded... Read more
YE HONE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. EF-889MA+ Balanced-Lasting Cementing Toe-Lasting Machine: 12 D.O.F. Pincer shape memorable... Read more
FERNANDO FERRO & IRMAO S.A. SHOELAST Special shoelasts and high quality tooling for the handling in automating workflow of the... Read more
EXPERT INTERNATIONAL GMBH SCAN EXPERT AUTOMATIC+ Scanner for leather hides. Automatic and color independent flaw detection system for... Read more
LBA SRL CT 18 Tear ultra resistant abrasive paper backing from the “High Performance”. Series, based on... Read more
SANTONI SPA GRUPPO LONATI X MACHINE Machines for knitted uppers. The collaboration between Santoni S.p.A. and Lonati S.p.A., has... Read more
SANTONI SPA GRUPPO LONATI MEC-MOR MACHINE Circular knitting machine is considered the most complete knitting machine to produce knitted... Read more