• 2nd HALF OF 2021 | MILAN, IT
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New line of machines with technology low environmental impact at 0 Km.
It is a new series of machines for the heat treatment of footwear and related water-based and synthetic adhesives.
The main characteristics are:
- Fully recyclable anodized aluminum bearing structure, lighter and more resistant to water and vapors, assembled without the use of welding gas and therefore without the introduction of harmful fumes into the air.
- Steel parts treated only with water-based detergents and painted with an electrostatic system, without the use of synthetic thinners.
- The design was aimed at containing and circulating the heated air inside the structure itself, returning it to the production circuit, thus reducing energy consumption.
- The use of electrical and electronic components with low energy consumption has allowed capillary and constant control over the consumption of electrical energy and careful design of the software and assembly has produced the reduction of electrical cables, reducing the use of copper and plastic sheaths.
- Simple management and control over production times allows the user to use the machine according to the real need and the 4.0 network connection allows remote management.