• 21 - 23 September 2022 | MILAN, IT
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New smart technologies that enter in industria 4.0 project.
New Pajusco’s Automations system, already intalled and tested by our customers, creates a totally smart connection that enter in Industria 4.0 project.
It is possible installing in your tannery a complete service from Pajusco that is able to AUTOMATE at maximum all leather process.
TAU is an electrical panel equipped with a touchscreen capable of fully controlling the drum and managing the inputs of all the automations attached to it, in a precise and coordinated way. Possibility of processing in 3 modes: manual, automatic and recipe.
HYDROTEC is a computerized system for mixing hot and cold water, it can automatically send it to the drum via recipe or operator signal.
DOSATEC is an automated system for mixing and dosing chemical products, it can automatically send them to the drums or mixers via recipe or operator signal.
PLANTEC is a computer-controlled software program that manages and supervises the entire line of drums and automations present in the tannery.
SMARTPHONE APP. It is possible to remotely control drums and automations through the application from your smartphone, then from home, from the office, even if you are abroad, you can view and control the ongoing work of your tannery.
POWTEC is a computerized system for manual weighing of chemical products in powder or liquid with an appropriate suction system and the possibility of sending data to the drum recipe via wi-fi.
SCANNERGUN wifi, is a wifi scanner gun that reads the desired chemicals through Qr or bar codes and then sends them to the weighing panel or directly to the loaded recipe.
PHTEC wifi, PH reading system. It is possible to take a sample, detect its PH and send it via wifi to the recipe in progress. The ph is very important as you can have much more accurate control over the final result.
TERMOTEC wifi, temperature control of the bath though wifi. It is possible to set and control the desired processing temperature.