• 2nd HALF OF 2021 | MILAN, IT
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It is a release paper finishing line that combines efficiency and eco-sustainability aspects thanks to the roller coating machine GREENSTAR to deposit the adhesive on both emery and full grain leathers. It creates a stucco effect that covers evenly the surface of the leathers, even the most rough and defective ones.
The system ensures these following technical innovations:
- Small line: 34 m with a single STARLINE R head, included tables to deposit leathers (production speed 6-8 m/min)
- Ennobling of any type of emery and full grain leather.
- Production optimization: customize option for leathers with a colour top and a subsequent top coat; then they can also be printed to obtain any type of grain.
- Automatic cleaning system for the paper release through a cleaning belt.
- Infrared drying ovens with temperature control through laser pyrometers directly on the surface of the paper.
- Elimination of dust contamination thanks to the absence of fans that move the air and, consequently, the dust on the paper release surface.
- Options of hundreds types of paper release produced by leading Japanese and Italian companies.
- Minimization of negative environmental impacts thanks to the use of the roller coating machine in place if the spray booth with a zero emissions in atmosphere.