• 24-26 FEB, 2021 | MILAN, IT
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SIMAC TANNING TECH 2020: A technology-filled plaza at the disposal of the fashion, automotive and furnishing industries

An ever more focused and proactive exhibition platform showcasing technological innovation for rapidly changing production processes to thousands of visitors from all over the world.


The organisational work is in full swing for SIMAC TANNING TECH 2020, the international exhibition of machines and technologies for the footwear, leathergoods and tanning industry - on from 19 to 21 February next at Fiera Milano Rho.

SIMAC TANNING TECH has proven to be the leading exhibition worldwide for these production sectors, both in terms of indoor exhibition area and the number of exhibiters, which include major international  players in the sector.

Next year, visitors will have a unique opportunity to come to Milan and, on Wednesday 19 February 2020, access four of the major international trade exhibitions at the same timeMIPEL, MICAM, LINEAPELLE and SIMAC TANNING TECH. The entire sector will be “on show” at Fiera Milano Rho.


 “Innovation” and “Sustainability” are the buzzwords of SIMAC TANNING TECH 2020.

Purchasing modes and consumer needs are changing as indeed is the whole sector: technology can favour new manufacturing approaches, acting as leverage in the response to these requirements. 

For this reason, SIMAC TANNING TECH is shaping itself as a “technology plaza” centred on Industry 4.0 and new organisational methods that also apply to the supply chain in which traditional models are revisited, without sweeping the past away but capitalising on it and implementing technologies for the future. The so-called Industry 4.0 technologies are no longer reserved to European alone and the concept has been embraced by the major manufacturing countries worldwide, from South East Asia to South America. International brands dictate new production methods. An adaptive response is not enough, we must be proactive if we are to remain competitive.


These very technologies allow productions to adapt to the demands for sustainability (not only re the environment) expressed in international production protocols. Quite rightly, every manufacturing sector must play a part in meeting the sustainability goals set for the production chain.

So, the world of the “finished product” is working hard to revise its way of thinking and the way it uses raw materials, processes them, sells them and then recycling what has come “to the end”: agreements such as the G7 Fashion Pact require contributions from mechanical technology. 

The forthcoming Simac Tanning Tech will showcase the best technology “in operation” and propose solutions that respond to the challenges of tomorrow: efficient production, optimised input and production waste, and improved working conditions and company wellbeing.

Stay connected to www.simactanningtech.it  for updates and news.


We look forward to seeing you from 19 to 21 February 2020 at Fiera Milano Rho. Arrivederci and see you soon!