• FEB 19-21, 2020 | MILAN, IT
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2019 Technological News

Short presentation of the innovations which complete the present range of “shoe and leathergoods machines, machinery and chemicals for tanning industry”.

ABC EQUIPMENT MADE IN ITALY PERSEO The PERSEO series warehouses are automatic systems used to manage components and accessories.... Read more
ALETTI GIOVANNI E FIGLI SRL  MINIBELT 800 mm belt-buffing machine that completes the range of the well-known Aletti belt machines,... Read more
ANZANI MACHINERY SRL  ATS (advanced tracking system) The ATS robotic conveyor for shoe assembly has been improved modifying the trolley, adding a... Read more
ARES ITALIA SRL  LM 10 SUPER Arm-type clicking cutting press with safety device for supporting the flag in case of emergency... Read more
ATOM SPA  ROBOTARM Robotic picking and sorting system to collect upper components after cutting; the system... Read more
BARNINI SRL  ROT-S Quality, productivity and reproducibility are the key points of the technological development of... Read more
BNZ TECHNOLOGY SRL  LASER XS A small-size galvanometric laser marker. It is ideal for marking and cutting processes on... Read more
BOMBELLI GIANCARLO SPA  VULCAN 3000 E2A Hot air bands Thermowelder is the ideal machine for garment and Shoes industries that needs... Read more
BOMBELLI GIANCARLO SPA  EASY CLEAN Cleaning system for leather, uppers, suede, laminate materials, wood, thermo gause on embroidery... Read more
BOMBELLI GIANCARLO SPA  VM-200 Vibrator with PU treated tank for making the stone washed treatment onto different surfaces (... Read more
BRUSTIA-ALFAMECCANICA SRL  MM700 - MM1600 It is a X-ray scanner specifically for the footwear sector and leather good sector(MM1600... Read more
CERIM SRL  K175 Dual Processing system: the simultaneous roughing and cementing of the shoe sides. 3 different... Read more
CERIM SRL  K300 New brush cementing system, for flat and walled soles, an innovative and revolutionary patented... Read more
CIUCANI MOCASSINO MACHINERY SRL  XM-REVERSE - KIT GOODYEAR FLEX Sole sewing machine curved needle, innovative process for the seam of Goodyear Flex-Flexible... Read more
CO.ME.T. SRL  MixingUnit 40 Automated dosing systems for polyol with additives for soles. The machine has dimensions... Read more
COSMOPOL SRL - ELVI U2-DS Humidifier that in one operation allows to soften the upper and the tip with direct injection of... Read more
COSMOPOL SRL - ELVI REV H2O Machine REV H2O is a rotating plate evaporator /reactivator for water-based glues, of new... Read more
OT-LAS SRL BX FOR INSOLES Laser system usually employ in footwear industries for the excavation of the insoles. The... Read more
DESMA SCHUHMASCHINEN GMBH  Edition: 2019 Multi Section Injection (MSI): material injections into various sections of the sole can achieve... Read more
ELETTROTECNICA B.C. SRL BC2018XC Knitting machine, thanks to the innovative technology present, it is able to produce 2D and 3D... Read more
ELITRON IPM SRL  Booster 30.11 Cutting system, it’s now more compact, requires less headroom, and benefits from soundproofing... Read more
ELITRON IPM SRL  KUDOS Specifically engineered to perfectly cut leather and synthetic roll materials for footwear and... Read more
ELITRON IPM SRL  NESTING SOFTWARE NesCUT nesting software identifies printed logos and patterns and nests the digital shapes... Read more
ERRETRE SPA  COLD MILLING In 2018, Erretre presented to the market the Cold Milling® technology and now in 2019 such... Read more
FRATELLI CARLESSI  SPRAYLAB XL Extended version of the SPRAYLAB, designed to spray large bovine Sides. The “Scale Up”... Read more
FOCUS TRADE SRL  LIGHT Flat embossing system composed of: No.01 Embossing plate in light material engraved... Read more
FOCUS TRADE SRL  TWINS Flat embossing system, patented process that, through the use of two special embossing plates,... Read more
GILMA TECHNOLOGY, S.A.  PUNCHES Special sharp-edged punches to increase the cutting speed of the automatic cutting machines.... Read more
GOZZINI 1906 TURINI GROUP SRL  ST/5500 Hydraulic ironing and embossing platen press finish leathers, it is the result of the careful... Read more
PL PROJECT LTD PL 1100 + SS1101 Edge Painting System for applying paint and other low viscosity liquids on the edges of flat... Read more
M.M. MEGGIOLARO OFFICINA MECCANICA EVO IC-4.0 DATATEC The Stacker allows the interface of production with the management system. The Datatec system... Read more
MAIN GROUP TECHNOLOGIES SRL  NTME Tools and technologies for the automation of the production process including the new system... Read more
NEXUS SRL  SORTEC Automatic digital system for the leather choice and selection flow. It produces reports and "... Read more
OFFICINE DI CARTIGLIANO SPA  RF Finishing - RF-eq Drying system for crust and finished leathers, revolutionary through Radio Frequency technology... Read more
S.F. OFFICINA MECCANICA 1930 SRL  M Glossy Larger glazing machine -Lissa, ergonomic raised work bench, front pedals, LED lighting of the... Read more
S.F. OFFICINA MECCANICA 1930 SRL  SC18 Fleshing machine with single casing with easy opening, built with the main parts in painted... Read more
S.P.S. TECNOLOGIA MECCANICA SRL  NEWS 2019 Full Automatic System at THREE pieces RIVETS – HOOKS/SPEEDLACES dedicated to technical... Read more
SABAL SPA GP 195/ID Hydropneumatic toe moulding machine with automatic toe supportRead more
SAGITTA OFFICINA MECCANICA SPA MR15 CN B 3H Bridge Vision "GUIDA MACCHINA" Vision System. The DXF file relevant to the printing or sewing and to... Read more
SATURN LMT 7001 THE KING PLUS 4.0 + 7009 Infrared hybrid oven with Industry 4.0 technology assisted by a container loading / unloading... Read more
OFF. MECC. SICOMEC SRL 338TT/V Insoles stamping machine. Vacuum air system that fix the insole in the working area.... Read more
SORACO SRL  Barkey Permatherm no oil Fogging tester, system that can test volatile substances in raw materials without the use of oil... Read more
SORACO SRL  UV Tester UV Tester, for accelerated aging tests, is an innovative model resulting from Italian technology... Read more
TECNO 2 SRL  TGN2017 Hydraulic Press to preform insoles with Timer and safety light barriersRead more
TECNO 2 SRL  T72 TOUCH SCREEN Technology 4.0 Hydraulic Universal Sole Press equipped with self-shaping levels, rubber sectors pads and... Read more
TECNO 2 SRL  T2005D2 Semiautomatic and electronic roughing machine for shaped beveling of insoles with 2 tools with 2... Read more
TECNO 2 SRL  T3000 Hydraulic Insole Molding Machine to preform insoles (4.0 Technology): Possibility to... Read more
VOLONTE' SYSTEM CONVEYOR SRL  VTM-4.0 PCP Automatic conveyor line for lasting dept. Conveyor with touchscreen panel for easy... Read more
VOLONTE' SYSTEM CONVEYOR SRL  VDN Monitouch 4.0 Automatic distributor for stitching dept. with touchscreen panel from which all production data... Read more
WEGA SRL STICK LABEL Automatic labelling of hides with barcode and QR code. An automated system for printing... Read more
WEGA SRL NOVA WIN Digital leather measuring machine. An industrial PC that works with the Microsoft Windows System... Read more
WEGA SRL WEGAPREMIUM The specific WEGAPREMIUM program installed on the industrial PC of the WEGAWIN measuring machine... Read more
EL.PA. SERVICE SRL EPOCAL 4.0 Octagonal rotary cab with 4.0 connectivity and EL.PA. HX-300, last generation rotary distributor... Read more
MOSTARDINI SOLARIS Patented heating system for rotary presses. It combines the features and advantages of electric... Read more
MÁQUINAS SAZI 219 Sole gluing pneumatic press with chamber specially developed in cast aluminum and machined in... Read more
MÁQUINAS SAZI 742 NIR Dryer and reactivator. One of the main complaints regarding shoes is the sole detachment... Read more
MÁQUINAS SAZI 125 Press machine for label application on footwear, developed in order to increase the productivity... Read more
ATOM MB SRL LINEA RAMS High productivity automated line for scouring, roughing and gluing of the shoe. The line is... Read more
ATOM MB SRL CD8 TS2 Side roughing machine, particularly suitable for strobel production. It is equipped with a... Read more
ATOM MB SRL CD15 VRX Machine for gluing the sole equipped with a 3D scanning system that avoids any need for... Read more
ATOM MB SRL SINCRON H Pulling over-lasting machine. Electronic hydraulic toe-lasting machine with new universal... Read more
RED 21 S.L. IcadTex The material scanner is a system that allows fast and accurate digitalization of any material.... Read more
INCOTEC GMBH TanWare® BLUE Machine for hide measuring, it provides automatic in-line measurement of area, thickness as well... Read more
TECHLASTS S.A. Technical Shoelast Special Shoelasts & Tooling for Automation, high precision lasts for the footwear industry:... Read more