• FEB, 2021 | MILANO, IT
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X-ray inspection system and management solutions based on rfid devices.
The latest generation technologies used for the MM series machines obtain exceptional results as regards both the detection of foreign bodies and the verification of the conformity of the inspected products.
Complementary to the MM series but not only, the proposal of the new BAT management software. 
Shoes, clothes and accessories are born digitally thanks to the rfid technology and the internet of things system enters in shoe factories and laboratories.
By means of BAT and BRUSTIA management software and devices, objects and machines are interconnected and communicate with each other, automating and optimizing the production process:
1. The machines prepare themselves for adequate processing according to the product
2. The progress of the production phases is detected and tracked 
3. The warehouse is easily organized
4. The manual quality controls and operations are digitalized

- Data processing and storage
- Data analysis and business intelligence
- 100% Traceability
- Interconnection/Industry 4.0
- Remote assistance/Service 4.0
- Customization
- Sustainability